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For more than 15 years, the Tech Ed Services teams of education and technology specialists and consultants have provided unique, cost-effective outsourcing options for site, district and county office technology projects in more than one hundred school districts and educational organizations. Today, like you, we recognize this is a time to make more with less. To maximize resources. To rethink even the soundest strategies. To make only the wisest of decisions. To plan carefully. To succeed.

Results Driven

Tech Ed Services, Inc. has applied its participatory team approach to thousands of projects for more than 100 clients, including technology planning and management/monitoring; grant writing and evaluation; professional development; E-Rate consulting; and other technical services, ensuring that project results and output from its assigned teams is able to contribute a greater result and return on client investment than would be typically possible for a single individual. Among our many successful results to date:

  • More than $90 million in funds awarded to Tech Ed grant writing clients
  • Meeting facilitation, data tool design and document writing of state-approved Technology Plans for 70+ districts
  • Career technical education plans and technical support services at local and state levels
  • Dozens of grant program and pilot technology projects planning/assessment/evaluation report documents and the compiling of data, reports and evaluations for state and federally funded projects
  • Successful partnerships with county offices/CTAP regions/districts to develop and deliver multi-year, technology-specific coach mentor programs that focus on leadership development and sustainability achievement of each district’s program objectives
  • Tens of millions of additional dollars secured for select K-12 districts and libraries through Tech Ed’s executive-level E-Rate consulting agreements across several states
  • Consulting strategically on new state and federal initiatives, including key alignment and compliance projects
  • Onsite professional development facilitation for well over 15,000 classroom educators, focusing on program-specific technology integration strategies aligned with each school’s curriculum, staff proficiency levels, and available technology/organizational resources to support student learning


Tech Ed Services, Inc. utilizes current educational and industry standards and models that are aligned with college and work expectations, inclusive of rigorous content and focused on what students need to gain mastery for succeeding in our global economy and 21st century, competitive, and technological society. The company’s employees and staff are committed to technology that enables, motivates and inspires all students; to measuring what matters; to involving multiple stakeholders in its processes; to connected teaching; to resources that include people, processes, policies and sustainable models; to personalized learning; and to a basic fiscal responsibility to get more out of each dollar spent, leveraging technology to plan, manage, monitor and report.

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